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[ VIDEO ] OnTheRun | 25th Anniversary

Brand Mash has released this video in honor of the graffiti brand OnTheRun’s 25th anniversary. It was filmed in Mainz, Frankfurt, Nürnberg, and Jena which are all cities in Germany. All of the footage was taken during Meeting of Styles (2015), and Creative World (2016) events. CLICK HERE to see more graffiti from...

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[ VIDEO ] RES & Friends: Episode 4 (Berlin & Vienna)

Episode 4 of the web series RES & FRIENDS features the RES crew and a few of their friends painting trains in the cities of Berlin (Germany) and Vienna (Austria). Click here to watch more videos from Germany. WATCH MORE! Res & Friends – Episode #01 – Spain Res & Friends – Episode #02 – Italy Res & Friends – Episode #03 – Greece Res & Friends – Episode #04 – Berlin &...

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This movie titled TRUE VISION was made in honor of the CVA’s crew 15th anniversary. It takes place in cities throughout Germany and The Netherlands. It was released in 22 parts....

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