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[ VIDEO ] BEGR burning walls in LA

On a hot summer afternoon, BEGR executes another fresh piece with some Kobra Spray Paint in Los Angeles, California. Click here to watch more videos featuring BEGR or here to watch more videos from the United...

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This episode of MONOCHROME features the extremely active American graffiti writer BEGR. If you want more follow him on Instagram. MONOCHROME is a series of graffiti videos, all with a black-and-chrome feeling, by Spraydaily. Simple short videos featuring one writer and three cans in each episode. One chrome piece on one clean wall by one selected graffiti writer for each episode. WATCH MORE! MONOCHROME – Episode #01 – SPORT MONOCHROME – Episode #02 – SOFLES MONOCHROME – Episode #03 – OPIUM MONOCHROME – Episode #04 – SWET MONOCHROME – Episode #05 – KAOS MONOCHROME – Episode #06 – SHANK MONOCHROME –...

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