1. What do you write, and how did you come up with this name?

By chance, I use the name SOEZ. I changed to SOEZ from my previous name because someone in my city was already using it.

2. Are you from any crews?

TOS and 4A

3. How long have you been writing?

Started in the mid-90s at school but began to take it seriously in 2006.

4. What country are you from?

Españistán (Spain)

5. Do you remember how you got started?

Yes in school making sketches during class.

6. What makes you keep going?

My personal satisfaction.

7. Describe your style in one word.


8. Pieces, Throw Ups or Tags? 


9. Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus or Rihanna?

All three but if I have to keep one, Kim Kardashian.

10. What are you trying to gain from doing Graffiti?

Develop my own unique and recognisable style.

11. Are you in it for the fame?

For my personal satisfaction.

12. Do you consider Graffiti – Art or Vandalism?


13. Who is your favorite writer of all time?


14. Favorite crew of all time?


15. Who comes first, hoes or bros?

If I say hoes I will have a ruckus at home. Hahahah, bros.

16. Tell us a crazy story.

One night we were bored in the neighborhood. So we climbed on the terrace of a friend’s estate and we started throwing water balloons at a large group of dancers down the street while they practiced their moves. In two minutes we had all the dancers on the terrace ready to kill us, the funny thing is we hid above the elevator cabin, THUG LIFE.

17. Favorite paint brand?

Belton (Molotow)

18. North Korea or Syria?


19. What is your favorite part of being a Graffiti writer?

The trips.

20. What do you hate about Graff?

Jealousy, gossip, etc…

21. Any advice for new writers?

Respect your elders, without them we wouldn’t be here.

22. Any last words or shout outs?

Thank you very much for the interview. Greetings to the people who love and support me and those that will always be with me, they know who they are. See you at the walls.

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