1. What do you write, and how did you come up with this name?

Smite. For a long time, I was writing Kink. A double K and sounding like “king” was pretty lame and silly, but I was young and naive back then when I decided to write it. Then one day I wanted to write something more interesting and adequate.

I was working on some random letter variants and Smith was a really interesting word for me to work with. These letters have strong meaning for me for several personal reasons. I always liked the letter E and in a short period of time Smith has transformed into Smite.

2. Are you from any crews?

TS, meaning True Stilo or TSW where W means Writers.

3. How long have you been writing?

I believe I wrote my very first tag on a wall in the early 2000s, but my first painted letters were done several years after that. It’s been about 12-13 years since I wrote that first tag.

4. What country are you from?

Belarus, post-soviet republic in eastern Europe.

5. Do you remember how you got started?

One summer day in 2001 I saw the first painted walls from a local graffiti summer jam. That was the first time I saw some complex and skillfully done graffiti pieces.

About 1 year later I watched my very first graffiti video. It was “Time To Die“ episode from “Murder She Wrote” TV series (SE10EP16).

That episode was about some graffiti boy with some real graffiti in the background. Haha, it’s pretty funny and hilarious I know it. That was enough to encourage me to start and try it to do myself.

6. What makes you keep going?

In the beginning, it was about fame game and youthful madness. Be massive, be numerous, be risky etc.  Through the ages, my position has changed for sure. I’m not a schoolboy anymore.

I have everyday activities, goals, work duties and so on. Little by little I’ve understood that for me it is more interesting to outdo myself firstly. Endless struggle with myself, with some personal fears, and uncertainty with certain circumstances.

Joy and satisfaction of completed objectives and completed goals motivate me the most.

7. Describe your style in one word.

Struggle (with myself).

8. Pieces, Throw Ups or Tags? 

I love graffiti as a whole. That’s all about your name and style writing. That means I love all its forms for sure. Pieces, throw-ups, and tags. I’d prefer all of it.

Rollers, cans, markers, bucket paint, and etch – all weapons are great in their own way and every weapon is good for specified goals and purposes.

9. Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus or Rihanna?

Don’t watch or listen to them at all, and don’t want to even know anything about them actually. Show business today is mostly crappy shit and a waste of consumers’ time and money. Everybody should live his/her own life and use his/her own brains.

10. What are you trying to gain from doing Graffiti?

As I said earlier at the moment I try to outdo myself. To set goals and to reach them, to compete with me. It gives me confidence, inner harmony, some kind of self-realization and relaxation.

11. Are you in it for the fame?

From the very first tags in NY it was all about the fame game. To be bigger, more stylish, numerous, crazier, and always trying to do your best. That’s the competition! I was into it for sure.

Right now I have calmed down on that point and am mostly focused on my personal goals and wishes. It still includes some competition.

12. Do you consider Graffiti – Art or Vandalism?

I think graffiti is graffiti. Graffiti – it’s your name and personality. It may have destruction spirit in it but it’s not the goal. In graffiti, you create firstly. Graffiti could have a huge variety of forms, solutions, expressions and ways of realization of you.

Vandalism is a very strong word and the wrong one to define graffiti. To deface crappy walls, write some letters or put some graphics is not a real vandalism at all.  It’s all about paint and letters, it’s not human lives or even architectural or cultural heritage destruction! Some people should review the real life values and find out what things in life are really important and have real significance for society.

Art is mostly defined by society with its opinion, norms, and subjectivity. Today you may shit or puke on canvas and it could be considered as a piece of art by critics or even society. I don’t want to be a part of SUCH art with this wide meaning of that term. Some do gorgeous paintings, some do beautiful sculptures, some do impressive murals, some do great street art or installations. I do graffiti.

13. Who is your favorite writer of all time?

Too many to list. In addition, I’m not only into graffiti writing. I like sculptures, paintings, artistic projects, and all the creative and deserving patience work. Today graffiti is global and you can find new interesting artists around the globe.

14. Favorite crew of all time?

Read my previous answer. In addition to this for me, each writer’s personal work often is more interesting than the team itself. There are exceptions for sure.

15. Who comes first, hoes or bros?

Speaking about hoes. Definitely bros! I’m sure I don’t need to explain.

16. Tell us a crazy story.

I always try to be patient and not to get in stupid and risky situations. Sometimes shit happens anyway.

In the beginning of this summer some local jam took place in a town around here. I was invited to stay overnight in local guy’s country house.

I was sleeping alone in the house when I was awakened and blocked by aggressive local thugs at 5.30 AM. It was pretty nervous situation.

I’m was pretty sure I could end up at the hospital from this situation. So I found a good moment to go and left that damn house as quickly as possible not looking back.

17. Favorite paint brand?

Today all the paint is almost the same. I mean you may get the same result with different brands. They have differences for sure, but for me, it’s not a big deal. I like all the paint I can find and use.

Spray paint, bucket paint, acrylic. Each instrument is good for its purpose. Speaking generally I prefer matte paints and low pressure. But it’s not crucial at all.

18. What country would you like to paint in that you haven’t already and why?

I have been here and there for sure but there are too many locations to visit yet.

USA, Latin America, some Asian countries. They all have fantastic local features and culture. I could go to any of these locations without any hesitation.

19. What is your favorite part of being a Graffiti writer?

To do what you want and like most, to compete, to meet new people. Emotions, satisfaction, and experience for sure. To be a part of a great global movement and unique community with its unique representatives all over the world.

I would have never met those numerous cool guys, visited such interesting places, and have had such a great time if it wasn’t for graffiti.

20. What do you hate about Graff?

All these pointless beefs, dirt and shit around it. Disrespecting others work. Tattle, rumors, and prejudgment. But it’s not about graffiti actually.

It’s all about personal human traits in graffiti context. If a person is a shitbag himself he will definitely be a shitbag in the graffiti community or whatever community.

21. Any advice for new writers?

Stay true, have your own opinion, respect others and yourself.

22. Any last words or shout outs?

Thank you for your questions. Greetings to my family, my crew and all the buddies surrounding me day by day through the years.

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