1. What do you write, and how did you come up with this name?
I write INUK, name comes from the country Greenland. The Inuk people are Inuits and I used to get called “eskimo” as a youngster.
  1. Are you from any crews?
I’m in many London crews, main crews I rep are “T17” and “4D”.
  1. How long have you been writing?
 I’ve been writing for 12 years nearly, was just a post code thing in the beginning and thats taken me to where I’m at now.
  1. What country are you from?
I’m from London, United Kingdom.
  1. Do you remember how you got started?

I used to see a writer from my area on every single street light, that got me intrigued as to how he did so much, who was he etc. I then started hanging with a bunch of lads and ladies causing havoc in shops and other areas, so started tagging where we had been.

  1. What makes you keep going?
Firstly the fact that I’m totally in love with it, everything about it. I like the idea of having something to leave behind. If not the stories, maybe the photos for my kids!
  1. Describe your style in one word.
  1. Pieces, Throw Ups or Tags? 
Errmmm, pieces… And tags, can’t beat a well developed tag!
  1. Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus or Rihanna?
Riri all day!
  1. What are you trying to gain from doing Graffiti?
Nothing, just doing what I enjoy, when and where I want. Just see where this ride takes me. (Hopefully not back to court.)
  1. Are you in it for the fame?
Na, don’t get me wrong, people knowing who you are, what you do and what you’ve done is good, but fame is not my goal. Paying my rent and feeding my kids through something I love is my goal!
  1. Do you consider Graffiti – Art or Vandalism?
Art, well unless you write ORSE.. He is crap hahaha, na I’m joking bro – loads of love!
  1. Who is your favorite writer of all time?
Wow… Erm my favorite all time writer has got to be RIME MSK, styles for miles!
  1. Favorite crew of all time?
  1. Who comes first, hoes or bros?
Hoes (Well the mother of my kids and most understanding partner in the world.)
  1. Tell us a crazy story.
Ooof I have a few, a few I couldn’t mention due to not wanting to wind up in jail. I once had a police chase and hid in a bin chute for 9 hours. (Turns out the police went after about 20 mins.)
  1. Favorite paint brand?
My favorite is Montana Black, but I paint with anything.
  1. What country would you like to paint in that you haven’t already and why?
New York City! (United States)
  1. What is your favorite part of being a Graffiti writer?
 I like driving roads and getting trains and being able to see my stuff, people who do stamp collecting or cross stitch will never experience the feeling of seeing their shit in public!
  1. What do you hate about Graff?
Graffiti writers..
  1. Any advice for new writers?
Do dirt before you think your a king out here. Nothing worse than  seeing some one getting props that has not put in work.
  1. Any last words or shout outs?
Big up all my crews, you know who you are. Big up anyone who read this, rate you, and finally big up everyone that hates me, I see you!